lúc áp dụng giờ đứa bạn nên biết được những word families của trường đoản cú kia để thực hiện đến đúng mực. Tđam mê khảo nội dung bài viết sau đây để thấu hiểu hơn nhé.

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Word families dịch nghĩa tiếng Việt có nghĩa là gia đình từ, là phần nhiều từ có tương quan cùng nhau. Từ một tự cội ta hoàn toàn có thể tìm thấy được gần như loại từ bỏ liên quan như danh trường đoản cú, hễ trường đoản cú, tính trường đoản cú, trạng từ bằng cách biến hóa hậu tố của chính nó. Vậy là ta sẽ có word families của những tự giờ đồng hồ anh không giống nhau rồi. 

2. Word families của một vài trường đoản cú giờ anh

VerbAgreeIf both parties agree lớn the terms, we can finalize the contract.
NounAgreementAs soon as the labor agreement was signed, the factory remused production of new cars and vans.
AdjectiveAgreeableThe parties are agreeable khổng lồ the terms.


VerbAttractThe store’s poor location did not help it attract customers.
NounAttractionHaving a clown in the toy store was a foolproof attraction for getting kids lớn enter.
AdjectiveAttractiveLou ran his store on an old-fashioned premise: quality merchandise at attractive prices.

VerbAssureI assure you that our drug-testing policy is applied fairly.
NounAssuranceWhat assurance is there that the company will still be in business.
AdverbAssuredlyHe spoke assuredly, but his follow-up memo showed less conviction.

VerbCancelThe man canceled his magazine subscription và got his money back.
NounCancellationWriters usually receive sầu a cancellation fee even if their articles are not published.
AdjectiveCanceledThe canceled concert ended up costing our agency millions.

VerbConsumeThe analyst was able khổng lồ consume new information quickly.
NounConsumerThe government tracks consumer spending closely.
AdjectiveConsumableHe ran a study of the use of consumable goods.

VerbObligateThe terms of the contracts obligate us lớn work for at least one more month.
NounObligationThe factory managers have sầu a legal & moarl obligation lớn provide a safe work site.
AdjectiveObligatoryHe finished his obligatory military service, & then joined his father on the orange farm.

VerbProvideSince the machine is very reliable, why don’t we cancel the service conract they provied?
NounProviderWe must negotiate a new contract with our mạng internet service provider.
NounProvisionThe provision for canceling the contract is in the last clause.

VerbSpecifyThe contract specifies the percentage of raise the workers will see next year.
NounSpecificationThe work was done according khổng lồ our specification.

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AdjectiveSpecificWe have not chosen a specific location for the reunion.

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