Ta chủ yếu sử dụng tính từ để tế bào tả về một người. Để đoạn văn miêu tả thêm phong phú, bạn còn cần vận dụng linh hoạt các cụm tính từ.

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1. Cách miêu tả một người bằng tiếng Anh theo độ tuổi

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
OldgiàMy grandfather is quiteold. In fact, as he has a pension, he is anold age pensioner, or asenior citizen.
Old age pensionertuổi nghỉ hưu
Senior citizenngười cao tuổi
Middle-agedngười trung tuổiHis daughter, my aunt, is 55, and middle-aged. She has three sons. One is ayoung adult, at 24 years of age, và the other two are bothteenagers. They are 16 & 17.
Young adulttkhô cứng niên
Teenagertuổi teen ( độ tuổi từ 13-19 tuổi)
Toddlertrẻ em ở độ tuổi mới biết điMy sister also has two children – onetoddlerwho is a two-year old, & ababywho is 6 months old.
Babyem bé

2. Cách miêu tả một người bằng tiếng Anh về vóc dáng

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
Fatbự, mậpPeople are built in all shapes và sizes. There are those who arefatandoverweight. Some people are extremely overweight & areobese. Other people are naturallyslim, but others look have absolutely no fat on them và arethin, orskinny.
Overweightthừa cân
Obesebự phì
Slimbé nhỏ nhỏ
Skinnygầy trơ xương, domain authority bọc xương
Stocky-smallnhỏ nhắn, chắc nịchPersonally, I amstocky – small, butwell-built. My father istallandlean– with very little fat.
Well-builtkhỏe mạnh, cường tráng
Leanmảnh khảnh
ShortthấpMy sister isshort, butwiry– she is quite thin, butmuscular. Both my brothers areathleticandwell-proportioned.
Wirydẻo dai
Muscularcơ bắp rắn chắc
Athleticlực lưỡng, khỏe mạnh
Well-proportionedđẹp vừa vặn,cân nặng đối
Curvaceousđường cong gợi cảmMy mother looks like a 1940’s film star. She iscurvaceous, with anhour-glass figure.
Hour-glass figuretoàn thân đồng hồ cát
Fitvừa vặnMy grandfather isfitfor his age andtakes plenty of exercise. He doesn’t want all his muscles khổng lồ getflabby.
Flabbynhũn nhẽo, chẩy xệ
Takes plenty of exercisechăm chỉ tập thể dục

Lưuý:Trong tiếng Anh bao gồm 3 từ miêu tả về thân hình và tuổi tác họ yêu cầu hạn chế, phải tùy trường hợp để sử dụng đó là fat (béo), thin (gầy) cùng old (già). Lúc đó bạn buộc phải cần sử dụng các từ “a bit” hoặc “a little” trước những tính từ này để giảm bớt sự khiến “tổn thương” với người bạn miêu tả.

Ví dụ:

He’s a little heavy –“Anh ấy hơi nặng chút ít xíu”

Trong khi bạn có thể sử dụng một số từ khác chũm thế cho từ “fat”, “thin”, “old”:

Ví dụ: Từ vắt thế mang lại "fat"Overweight: thừa cânHeavy: nặngPlump: mũm mĩm, tròn trịaA bit chubby: hơi mũm mĩm (chubby được dùng đặc biệt đến trẻ em)Curvy /curvaceous: nở nang, gợi cảm (được sử dụng đến phái nữ)Statuesque (i.e. tall và well-built): Đẹp như tượngWell-built/ a big man: lực lưỡng (được dùng mang đến phái nam)


3. Cách miêu tả một người bằng tiếng Anh về màu da với màu tóc

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
Fair hair

mái tóc đẹp

My sister is an English rose – she hasfair hairandfair skin. She doesn’ttung easilyand has to be careful in the sun.
Fair skinlàn da đẹp
Tan easilydễ bắt nắng
Blondetóc vàngMy mother isblonde, also with afair complexion.
Fair complexionnước da đẹp
Red-headđầu đỏ (tóc đỏ)I am ared-head– with red hair. Like many other people with apalecomplexion, I getfrecklesfrom the sun – small brown dots on my face and arms.
Palexanh biếc, nhợt nhạt
Frecklestàn nhang
Dark-brownmàu nâu sẫmIn contrast, my father hasdark-brownhair & he is quitedark-skinned.
Dark-skinnedlàn da sậm màu
Rosyhồng hàoThe women have sầu handsome features of Jewish cast (the last trait often true also of the men); fair complexions, sometimesrosy, though usually a pale sallow.
Sallowkim cương vọt
Greasy skinda nhờnDoes áp lực causeoily and greasy skin?

4. Cách miêu tảkhuôn mặtmột người bằng tiếng Anh

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
Ovalhình ô van, tuyệt trái xoanFaces, like build, vary a lot. Some people haveovalfaces – theirforeheadsare much wider than theirchins. Other people haveheart-shaped,squareorroundfaces.
Heart-shapehình trái tim
Squarevuông vức
Bushy eyebrowslông ngươi rậmMy grandfather hasbushy eyebrows, ahooked noseandhigh cheekbones. His eyes are large andphối quite far apart.
Hooked nosemũi khoằm
High cheekbonesgò má cao
Set quite far apartcách xa nhau
Broad nosemũi toMy mother hasa broad nose, which she hates, as she prefersnarrow noses. But she is lucky to haveevenorregularteeth.
Narrow nosemũi thon
Even teeth = regular teethrăngđều tăm tắp
Crooked teethrăng khấp khểnhMy sister corrected hercrookedteethby wearing a brace which straightened them. She hasrosy cheeks, small ears and asnub nose, which goes up at the end.
Rosy cheeksmá hồng hào
Snub nosemũi hếch
Flat nosemũi tẹtTheflat-nosed person lacks the nasofrontal angle that is a common feature onnoses.
Dull eyemắt lờđờHe opened his dull, glazed eyes.
Sparkling/twinklingmắt lấp lánhHe grinned, the dimple playing below one of histwinklingeyes.
Flashing/ brilliant/brightmắt sángHis face was flushed & his eyes werebright.
Inquisitiveánh mắt tò mòHer intent gaze wasinquisitive, her eyebrows raised in a silent question.
Dreamy eyesđôi mắt mơ mộngThe xanh eyes are mild, gentle, almostdreamy.
Curly hairtóc xoănI have long,curly hair, though my sister is the opposite, with short, straight hair. Her hair is fine và doesn’t weigh very much, but mine is thick & heavy.
Straight hairtóc thẳng
Wavytóc bồng bềnh, lượn sóngMy mother’s hair iswavy. It’s cut in aboband she also has a shortfringe, where it is cut horizontally across her forehead.
Bobtóc ngắn
Fringemái bằng (tocs)
Losing his hairrụng tócMy father islosing his hair– in fact he isgoing bald, which makes him very sad. My brother looks like hyên ổn, he is going to đại bại his hair too – it isreceding.
Going baldhóiđầu
Recedetóc giảm/rụng dần

5.Cách miêu tả những đặc điểm không giống của một người bằng tiếng Anh

TừvựngNghĩaVí dụ
in glassesđeo kínhI like the girl in glasses.
with dimpleslúmđồng tiềnHere is the list of the hottest female celebritieswith dimples.
lines/wrinklescó nếp nhănFor me, my grandmother was heavy & had wrinkles và gray hair but she personified love sầu for me.
scarsẹoHis face is covered with scar tissue where he was badly burned.
molenốt ruồiHe did appear khổng lồ have sầu excessive sầu distribution of moles & had never had a skin cancer before.
birthmarkvết bớtThe boy in lifting his left arm had disclosed a dark-brown birthmark shaped lượt thích the new moon.
beardrâuGrađắm đuối came baông xã from holiday with a week"s growth of beard on his chin.
moustacheria mépHe had a long droopy moustache.


6. Cách miêu tảđặcđiểm tính biện pháp một người bằng tiếng Anh

Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
Confident/Self-assured/Self-relianttự tinShe is a confident and practised speaker who always impresses her audience.
DeterminedquyếtđoánShe had a determined look on her face.
Ambitioustsi vọngShe"s very ambitious but I doubt she"ll ever make it to lớn the top.
Reliableđáng tin cậyGideon is very reliable - if he says he"ll vì chưng something, he"ll bởi vì it.
Calmđiềm tĩnhHe has a very calm manner.
Brainy/Intelligent/Smart/Cleverthông minhSarah was beautiful and brainy.
Wittydí dỏmHe was witty and very charming.
Sensibleđa cảmI"m sure Jenny can be relied on - she seems eminently sensible.
Adventurousưa mạo hiểmLydia is a person who has always had an adventurous spirit.
Self-effacing/Modestkhiêm tốnThe captain was typically self-effacing when questioned about the team"s successes, giving credit to lớn the other players.
Honestchân thậtShe has an honest, open face.
Politelịch sựShe was polite but not excessively so.
Friendlythân thiệnOur neighbours have always been very friendly to/towards us.
Have a sense of humourtất cả khiếu hài hướcShe has a really good sense of humour.
Easy-goingdễ tínhHe seems aneasy-goingfellow who would make any woman happy.
Outgoingcởi mởShe has an outgoing personality.
Sociablehoà đồngRob"s very sociable - he likes parties.
Carefreevô tưShe iscarefree& he a bookworm.
Generoushào phóngJohn Herschel was an urbane, kindly và generous man.
ThoughtfulchuđáoShe"s a very thoughtful person.
Have sầu a hot temperrét tính​ If someone has a hot temper, they are easily made angry.
Shynhút ít nhátTom is very extrovert and confident while Katy"s shy và quiet.
Talkativenói nhiềuShe"s a lively, talkative person.
Arrogantkiêu căngShe has an authoritative manner that at times is almost arrogant.
Strictnghiêm khắcHe had been a strict father but was indulgent towards his grandchildren.
Selfish/meaních kỷ, keo dán kiệtShe never considers anyone but herself - she"s totally selfish.
Introvertedhướng nộiWhen she started school, she became cautious, quiet & introverted.
Extrovertedhướng ngoạiWhere he is extroverted, brash, joyful, and snarling, she is cool, poised, occasionally nervous, & slightly shy.
Kindtốt bụng, tử tếShe"s a very kind & thoughtful person.

7. Một số đoạn văn tả người bằng tiếng Anh

Ví dụ 1:

I have sầu a best friover named Linh, we have sầu been together since we were just little kids. She has beautiful bright skin and brown eyes. We have sầu a lot of things in common, such as we love sầu the same b&, food & books. She và I even nội dung the same name, and it is a small surprise for anyone who has talked to us. Linch is not my classmate, but we always help each other with the homework and school projects. We spkết thúc every minute in our break time to lớn talk about all the things that happen in class, and people usually ask what can even makes us laugh that hard. Sometimes I think it is lượt thích we have been best mates since forever, và I hope that we will be happy like this for a very long time.

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Ví dụ 2:

My mother is the one who I love sầu most in my life. For what she’s done, she deserved with the whole world. My mother is a 43-year-old household wife. She’s tall, slyên ổn & especially she has a beautiful long black hair. She always smile thus everyone consider her a friendly person. My mom loves every members of the family with all her heart. She agreed to lớn be a household woman instead of working out. My mother takes care of the household chorces. She wakes up earliest in the morning and goes khổng lồ bed lakiểm tra in the night. And during the day, she’s very busy. I remember once when my mother got sichồng so notoàn thân did the house work & everything went lớn crazy. From then, my father & I join h& khổng lồ help mother whenever we have sầu không lấy phí time. She’s really happy about that. When I was a kid, mom taught me khổng lồ play piano at each weekover. I still rethành viên the songs which includes many childhood’s experiences. Not only taught me lớn play piano, she also taught me to be a better human. I love sầu the moral stories that she told me before I fell asleep every night. We’re really appreaciate mother’s effort, patient và her hard work to conserve the family’s happiness. My mother is an indispensable part of my life. When I grow up, I want to lớn be a woman lượt thích her.