Liên trường đoản cú vào giờ đồng hồ Anhlà một trong những yếu tố cực kỳ đặc biệt góp tạo cho sự links đặc biệt là vào kĩ năng viết. Chính do vậy trong bài viết này đang hỗ trợ cho mình kỹ năng và kiến thức tổng quan liêu về liên tự với giải pháp làm bài tập liên tự thông dụng duy nhất trong giờ Anh.

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I. Kiến thức về liên từ trong giờ Anh

1. Định nghĩa về liên trường đoản cú

Liên từ bỏ trong giờ Anh là tự dùng để nối hai phần, hai mệnh đề trong một câu.

các bài tập luyện về liên tự trong giờ đồng hồ Anh

Bài tập 1

Chọn câu trả lời đúng điền vào vị trí trống sau

1. He got wet_______ he forgot his umbrella.

A. because of B. because C. but D. and

2. He stops working _______ heavy raining.

A. in spite of B. although C. despite D. because of

3. They have sầu a lot of difficulties in their life _______ their poverty.

A. in spite of B. although C. because D. because of

4. Tom wakes his parents up_______ playing the guitar very softly.

A. because B. in spite of C. because of D. although

5. Notoàn thân could hear her_______ she spoke too quietly.

A. although B. because C. because of D. in spite of

6. We decided lớn leave sầu early _______the party was boring.

A. although B. despite C. because D. because of

7. Many people believe him__________ he often tells a lie.

A. because B. in spite of C. although D. because of

8. _______she was very hard working; she hardly earned enough to feed her family.

A. In spite of B. Because C. Because of D. Although

9. _______her absence from class yesterday, she couldn’t understand the lesson.

A. Although B. In spite of C. Because of D. Because

10. ______her poorness, she feels happy.

A. Although B. Because C. If D. In spite of

những bài tập 2

Tìm cùng sửa lỗi không đúng ngơi nghỉ từng câu sau

Because of feeling very tired, John couldn’t sleep.Though Tom was ill, he couldn’t take part in his little sister’s birthday buổi tiệc ngọt.Before she was washing the dishes, her parents came home page.Bring an umbrella with you although it rains, my mom told me.I had to wait for hyên ổn in front of his house because of 9 p.m.That was the reason when they didn’t want to come back khổng lồ their hometown.I am sure they are going to succeed so their difficulties.

bài tập 3

Chọn lời giải đúng

1. She’s not only beautiful_________ intelligent.

a. but also

b. but

c. however

d. yet

2. I was very tired, ________ I determined to lớn walk on to the next village.

a. therefore

b. however

c. and

d. or

3. You can come here either on Monday__________ on Friday.

a. or

b. nor

c. both

d. and

4. He had to act immediately; ________ he would have been too late.

a. consequently

b. nevertheless

c. still

d. otherwise

5. They said both he_________ I were khổng lồ come.

a. and

b. but

c. or

d. so

6. The weather in Dalat is neither too hot in summer________ too cold in winter.

a. or

b. nor

c. or else

d. otherwise

7. Jane is beautiful và intelligent________

a. too

b. so

c. both

d. moreover

8. Jane is beautiful và intelligent; ________ she’s very kind.

a. moreover

b. however

c. for all that

d. on the other hand

9. He never works_______ he gains all the prizes.

a. furthermore

b. whereas

c. but

d. accordingly

10. The sun is shining and there are very few clouds; _______, I am sure it is going lớn rain.

a. what’s more

b. hence

c. thus

d. nevertheless

11. Bill is in class 12, _______ John, who is a year older, is only in class 4.

a. and

b. whereas

c. either

d. nevertheless

12. You must leave sầu at once, ________ you miss the train.

a. however

b. yet

c. still

d. otherwise

13. You need to lớn get some job retraining. _______ it, you risk being laid off.

a. If so

b. If not

c. With

d. Without

14. Could I have rice_______ potatoes, please?

a. but

b. but also

c. instead

d. instead of

15. _______His denial, we knew that he was guilty.

a. Despite

b. In spite

c. Because

d. And

16. John’s family is very happy_______his being a warded a scholarship.

a. because of

b. if

c. either

d. nor

17. Graphite is a soft, slippery solid that is a good conductor of_______ hear và electrithành phố.

a. not just

b. and

c. both

d. moreover

18. The lecture was _______ interesting and instructive sầu.

a. as

b. either

c. neither

d. both

19. Both Mary & Allen_______Jean are going on the tour.

a. as well

b. as well as

c. nor

d. but

trăng tròn. He likes travel, and_______ does she.

a. too

b. such

c. so

d. but

những bài tập 4

Điền một liên tự phù hợp vào vị trí trống

The person that I gave it to lớn was a very good friover of mine at the time. His name was Kaliya (1)__________ he came from India. I knew him (2)_________ we studied together at a language school in Cambridge. (3)____________ we were from different backgrounds & cultures, we got on really well và we had the same sense of humor (4)___________ we became very good friends.

The present was a picture that had been painted of the River Cam in Cambridge. It was not so big – maybe around 10 inches by 14 inches, but it was very beautiful. It came in a gold plated frame and the picture had been drawn by a particularly well-known Cambridge artist. It had been signed by this person as well.

It’s the first time I have given this person a present, & I guess it’s quite different from presents (5)_________ I have given lớn other people before – I don’t reHotline ever giving someone a picture actually. If I’m buying for family then I’ll usually buy clothes or maybe some jewelry if it is a special occasion. Normally when I’ve bought something for friends it’s something more jokey so we can have a laugh about it, nothing that serious.

The reason (6)_________ I decided to give sầu this particular gift is because we had spent a lot of time together in Cambridge and we had had some really fun times punting on the River Cam – that’s obviously why I thought this was an appropriate present. We used lớn go punting at least once a week, sometimes a couple of times. On one occasion there was a group of about ten of us that went down there, & we spent the whole day sitting by the river in the sun (7)__________ as usual we went on a boat trip together. We all have a lot of photos to lớn remind us of this great day.

So my friend, Kaaliya, is the person that I gave a present to lớn và this was because I felt it would always remind him of the fun times that we had and also of Cambridge.

các bài luyện tập 5

Viết lại câu thực hiện liên trường đoản cú gợi ý

He couldn’t sleep even though he was exhausted (in spite of)Though he’s got an America name, he’s in fact a Vietnamese. (despite)In spite of her injured feet, she still got home page before dark. (although)Athough not having eaten for more than two days, John didn’t feel hungry at all. (even though)He decided to lớn get the job even though the salary was low. (in spite of)

bài tập 6

Chọn giải đáp đúng nhất

1. The sky is gray và cloudy. ________, we go lớn the beach.

A. Consequently B. Nevertheless C. Even though D. In spite of

2. I turned on the fan __________ the room was hot.

A. due khổng lồ B. despite C. even though D. because

3. John & Wick will meet you at the restaurant tonight ________ we can find a baby-sitter.

A. although B. unless C. otherwise D. only if

4. Makay showed up for the meeting ________ I asked her not lớn be there.

A. because B. despite C. provided that D. even though

4. You must lkết thúc hyên ổn the money for the trip. ________, He won’t be able to go.

A. Consequently B. Nevertheless C. Otherwise D. Although

5. The road will remain safe ________ the flood washes out the bridge.

A. unless B. as long as C. providing that D. since

6. The roles of men and women were not the same in ancient Greece. For example, men were both participants và spectators in the ancient Olympics. Women, ________ were forbidden lớn attover or participate.

A. nevertheless B. on the other hand

C. therefore D. otherwise

7. The windows were all left open. _____, the room was a real mess after the windstorm.

A. Nevertheless B. However C. Consequently D. Otherwise

8. It looks like they’re going to lớn succeed ________ their present difficulties.

A. despite B. because of C. even though D. yet

9. ________ Ching is an honest person, you still wonder whether she’s telling the truth about the incident.

A. In spite of B. Since C. Though D. In the event that

Bài tập 7

Viết lại số đông câu dưới đây dùng liên tự ham mê hợp

We know him. We know his friends.The coat was soft. The coat was warm.It is stupid to lớn bởi that. It is quite unnecessary.I wanted khổng lồ go. He wanted khổng lồ stay.Your arguments are strong. They don’t convince me.You can go there by bus. You can go there by train.I was feeling tired. I went lớn bed when I got trang chủ.

các bài luyện tập 8

Today, I would like lớn talk about a time (1) ________ someone explicitly appreciated me (2) ________ my assistance.

It happened abouta fewyears ago, (3) ________ my neighbour, Kyên ổn Lee, needed to leave the thành phố for a few daysin order tosee his ailing grandmother.

To introduce Kim, he could easily be considered as one of the nicest neighbours one could ever hope for, (4) ________ he lived with his family a couple of blocks away from my house in the same neighbourhood. Kyên used to lớn own & run his own small super shop (5) ________ Iused tovisit almost every other day in order to buy stuff. (6) ________ , we had a very warm relationship with each other. (7)________ , when he asked me to lớn watch after his house for a few days, I just couldn’t refuse.

Kyên told me what exactly needed to be done, including picking up the newspapers from his front lawn every morning, helping his employees lớn open and cthua kém his super shop and turning the lights on of his house during the evening, (8) ________ keep the “heater” in his house turned on in order to keep his house warm, (9) ________ it was really cold at that time. (10) ________ he came bachồng, he didn’t forget to thank me with a very big smile on his happy face.

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(11) ________ I wasn’t exactly looking for any kind of appreciation from my neighbour, I felt really great and useful after his words of appreciation.

Đáp án

Đáp án bài bác tập 1BDDBBCCDCDĐáp án bài xích tập 2Because of => In spite ofThough => BecauseBefore => WhileAlthough => in caseBecause of => untilWhen => whySo => despite/ in spite ofĐáp án bài xích tập 3ABADABAACDBDDDAACDBCĐáp án bài xích tập 4andbecause/ as/ sinceThough/ AlthoughsothatwhyandĐáp án bài xích tập 5In spite of being exhausted, he couldn’t sleep.Despite of his America name, he is in fact a Vietnamese.Although her feet was injured, she still got home page before dark.John didn’t feel hungry at alleven though he had not eaten formore than two days.In spite of the low salary, he decided lớn get the job.Đáp án bài tập 6CDDDDACBCĐáp án bài tập 7We know hlặng and his friends.The coat was both soft và warm.It is stupid & quite unnecessary to vày that.I wanted to lớn go but he wanted lớn stay.Your arguments are svào but they don’t convince me.You can go there either by bus or by train.I was feeling tired so I went khổng lồ bed when I got homeĐáp án bài xích tập 8whenforandandwhichsoThusandasWhenEven though

Qua nội dung bài viết về phong thái có tác dụng bài bác tập liên từ vào giờ Anh, hi vọng bạn có thể biết được những liên từ bỏ hay được dùng vào tiếng Anh, biết cách dùng và bí quyết rành mạch để áp dụng vào trong bài xích tập cũng như thêm một phần kiến thức cho chính mình. Chúc các bạn tiếp thu kiến thức tốt!